PRICE:$3,000 per pair


First we'd like to thank Carl James of USA HIFI for providing these speakers for our review. Carl is one of the genuine good guys of audio, knowlegeable with years of experience and a real desire to help his customers find the audio gear best suited to them and their budgets. Check out his info at the end of this review - publisher.


The Revolver Music 5 Speaker is a medium-sized floorstander priced at $3000/pr. It is a bass reflex, rear ported design with three 6” glass fiber drivers. Two of them act as woofers and the other as midrange. The top end is covered by a 1” anodized aluminum dome tweeter.

The speaker is 8 ¼” wide x 11” deep and stands 37” tall. My review sample came in a nice dark cherry finish with good fit and workmanship for the price. Other finishes available are light cherry and piano black.

This model replaces the RW45 and is also magnetically shielded. The claimed frequency response is 38Hz-38kHz and has a sensitivity of 90db. It is a nominal 8 ohm load with a power handling of 200 Watts. It has Bi-wireable gold plated 5-way binding posts. It’s crossover is a hard wired three way set at 200Hz and 3.5kHz using air cored and ferrite inductors, metal film resistors and ICW polypropylene capacitors.

The speaker is designed and manufactured in England and comes with a 5 year warranty. The speaker stands on a black integral plinth into which supplied threaded spikes can be installed. The speaker is attractive in an unassuming way and should fit well into many listening environments. Grills are included and seem to be sturdy.

With a claimed tweeter response up to 38 kHz, you would think that the top end of this speaker could go on forever. "Pines of  Rome" watch out! The top end sounds very natural without glare or bite, with good extension and sparkle. The speaker as a whole is detailed and resolving without sounding etched or artificial. This speaker reminds me of the Dali Helicon 400 in that it is clear and clean, but goes a step further towards naturalness. I also believe that the Music 5 has better imaging and overall detail as well. The Music 5’s image height and depth are good but not fully illuminated. The Revolver has a well formed midrange with good attack and quickness of rhythm.

Being similar in price to the Dali, the Revolver is also not quite a full range speaker. With a bass roll off at 38Hz the bass is present but the bottom octave is missing in action. The realistic scaling and gravitas of the Nola Viper Reference is missing here as well as the walk into soundstage. While watching the movie “The last mimzy” with my boy I noticed how well the surround effects tracked very well right around my head using only two Music 5’s. This precision for angular tracking is better than my old DCM Timeframe 700’s, which were the top dogs for this trick. I think that in a home theater set up that additional speakers would be a waste of money. A good subwoofer would be welcome for both music and film though.



I am continually amazed at what progress good design and materials can do for speakers as time marches on. I am also saddened by so called “designers” that charge “mad money” for equipment that does not perform or is unreliable. I am happy to report that these speakers through good design have hit the bulls-eye. They are more natural and detailed than either the Anthony Gallo Ref 3.1’s or the Dali Helicon 400’s and represent excellent value for the money.


For info or purchase, call Carl at 1-877-236-4434 and he will direct you to a nearby dealer. If no dealer is in your area, you can order direct from him.



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