Stereo For Cheap Bastards is just what it implies - reviews of stereo gear for those of us of a more frugal nature. Specifically, reviews of high-end stereo gear that sells for about $1000 or less. Our specialty has always been reviewing “affordable” high-end audio, but affordable means different prices to different people. In a world where $100,000 speakers and above are not unusual and amplifiers that easily exceed $50,000 are reviewed in every issue of Stereophile and their ilk, we have always focused on the type and price of stereo components that most sane music lovers actually want to and can buy.

With our new feature, we're simply narrowing down the field even more while engaging in something we think is sorely missing in the audio press - humor - and above all, FUN! We think we can be serious about what we do, after all it does involve your money, but still be lively and entertaining.

So why the “cheap bastards” verbiage? You do know, don't you, that we are known in the industry as more of an underground publication. We are famous for revealing industry “dirty little secrets” and not engaging in the politics and corruption that festers just beneath the surface. Anyone who tells you there's no connection between advertising and reviews in the audio press or any other mainstream publication, is lying through their laser-whitened teeth. So the “cheap bastards” is just a reflection of our highly refined edginess. It's certainly not an insult since we all proudly consider ourselves cheap bastards as well, and we religiously avoid insulting ourselves whenever possible. We entertained other titles like “Stereo for the Economically Challenged”, but that smacked of too much political correctness. “Stereo for Cheap Ass Audiophiles”, but we don't like to use cuss words and “ass” is much more of a cuss word then “bastards”.


Okay, then why the chick in the picture? Well, we all know what women think of cheap bastards, right? Besides, 99% of our readers are male and, we assume at least most of them like to look at an occasional pretty girl. We certainly do. Don't worry though, were not about to turn Stereomojo into Hustler or anything. Remember, we might be underground and edgy, but we are also highly refined professionals who don't happen to make any money, at least at this gig. For us, it ain't about the bucks, which ostracizes us even further from our audio press brethren. Fine with us.

We're still going to be doing the same type of reviews we always have, this is just something new and different: a breath of fresh air. But we do need you to do something for us. If you truly are a cheap bastard, we need you to help us find the kind of stuff in which genuine cheap bastards are truly interested. We've always encouraged our readers to let us know if there is something they would like to see reviewed, and you do. Many of our reviews have come from reader requests. But stereo for cheap bastards is much harder to find. Face it, most people who make stereo for cheap bastards are cheap bastards themselves, so they don't advertise much and don't take their wares to expensive audio shows. They're harder to root out. But we know our readers can sniff them out like an Alabama blue hound dog looking for a pork chop. When you do, drop us an e-mail pronto and we'll pursue it with all the power and might of the prestigious international publication we are. We promise.

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